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When a home is properly ventilated, it is much easier to heat and cool it effectively and efficiently, while maintaining high indoor air quality, than it would be otherwise. As many homeowners will undoubtedly discover, though, especially those living in older homes, great ventilation is just not always a given. If you suspect that you could stand for ventilation of a higher order in Round Rock, TX, just let us know.

The professional ventilation technicians on the Express HVAC Service staff are more than happy to ensure that you have everything you need to ventilate your home in an effective, reliable manner. Better yet, we’ll ensure that every component needed to do so is expertly installed and serviced with the greatest of care. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to our customers, and we are not the type of company that would ever make a hollow promise. When you hire us to do the job, you can count on truly exceptional ventilation in your home.

Why Use a Solar Attic Vent?

The attic in your home may become incredibly hot, and it’s simple to understand why; after all, the heat in your home naturally. When you add to that the fact that the hot sun is beating down on your roof all day, every day, it becomes quite clear that very high temperatures in an attic are a very real possibility. The problem is that this heat can spread down into your home. By using a solar attic vent, you can help to ventilate your attic more effectively, bringing temperatures therein down while using the power of the sun to do so. This can help to take some strain off of your home cooling system, cutting costs and reducing wear on the system.

We Install and Service Solar Attic Fans

A solar attic fan allows you to cool your attic while ventilating it effectively. You may not be sitting up in your attic in order to relax in a comfortable environment, of course. However, cooling your attic does allow you to cut down on a lot of air conditioning strain. We currently carry and install the Zephyr™ solar attic fans, from Attic Breeze®. The models we install and service are powered at 25 watts, and capable of covering a space up to 2500 sq./ft. Just give us a call if you’d like to learn more about this fine line of products, or about the many benefits of increased attic ventilation in general.

We Also Install, Repair, and Replace Ductwork in Round Rock, TX

When talking about ventilation, you cannot gloss over the importance of the ductwork in one’s home. The ductwork in a central AC or forced air heating system, after all, is responsible for the distribution of all of the heated and cooled air throughout a living space or commercial property. Many different factors can negatively impact the overall performance of ductwork, ranging from poor design to unexpected damages. When we install, repair and, if necessary, replace your ductwork, you can count on your HVAC ventilation system performing precisely as it ought to. Contact Express HVAC Service today to work with a professional ventilation technician that you can trust with your comfort and your budget.

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