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UV Air Purifiers

Problems with indoor air quality will vary from situation to situation, which means that you really must know for certain that the air purifier you are using is the ideal one for your unique needs. While air filtration systems and electronic air purifiers, for instance, may be fine for removing dirt, dust and other pollutants from the air in your home, they are not of much use when put up against biological pollutants. If you want to resolve issues with such pollutants, including viruses, bacteria and mold spores, then a UV air purifier in Round Rock, TX is your best option.

Of course, the installation of a UV air purifier is the sort of thing that only a trained, experienced professional can handle. Because of this, we recommend that you schedule service with us. In doing so, you guarantee that your system, along with your indoor air quality, is in good, capable hands.

What is a UV Air Purifier?

Before you can begin to ponder if a UV air purifier is a good investment for your home, you must first have a basic understanding of what these devices are and how they work. A UV air purifier is installed directly within the ductwork that your central HVAC system uses to distribute conditioned air throughout your home. It will emit small, safe amounts of UV (ultraviolet) radiation therein: safe, that is, for occupants and pets within the house. To biological pollutants, the effects of the UV radiation are devastating, destroying them and rendering them unable to replicate.

When to Use UV Germicidal Lights

UV air purifiers, or UV germicidal lights, are a great option to consider for homes which struggle with biological pollutants. If you notice mold popping up in your home, or if severe allergy and asthma symptoms are making life unpleasant for residents within your household, a UV air purifier is likely a good investment. Keep in mind, though, that such systems do not trap pollutants in the same manner of air filtration systems. This means that they cannot be used in order to remove pollutants from the air in the home, but only to destroy biological pollutants. This makes them a great supplement to, but not replacement for, air filters.

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