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Duct Sealing

Do you hear loud whistling noises emanating from your registers every time your HVAC system starts to blow air? Is the humidity in your home steadily rising, even though your air conditioner is on? Do foul odors from the outdoors seem easily to penetrate your indoors, even though the windows and doors are shut? These are all signs of faulty ductwork, and also signs that it’s time to call our indoor air quality specialists for assistance.

There are a few solutions to managing faulty ductwork, and one of them is duct sealing. Duct sealing can be a great solution for ductwork that isn’t extensively damaged, as cracks, holes, and disconnections are sealed instead of replaced. The process is minimally invasive, fairly clean, and lasts for the long-term. However, to gain the benefits of duct sealing, it is critical to hire a professional with training and experience, and our pros bring 25 years’ worth of experience to every job we do!

What Is Duct Sealing?

Duct sealing is the process by which a trained expert systematically seals the holes, cracks, and disconnections in your ductwork. Your trained technician will use a specialized adhesive to do the job so that the seals are long–lasting and durable. Once a thorough examination of your system is conducted to find all the problem areas, your technician will seal your ductwork. Hiring professionals for the job, like the ones at Express HVAC Service, ensures that your ducts will be sealed correctly the first time around.

Is Duct Tape Used?

In a word: no. Duct tape is never used to seal ducts, and shouldn’t ever be used. Why not? Despite the name, duct tape is not an adequate adhesive for duct sealing. The glue breaks down in a matter of 2–3 months, leaving your cracks and holes wide open again, but with a sticky mess to contend with in addition to the original problem. Having one of our indoor air quality experts perform professional duct sealing is the much better choice for you, your family, your system, and your home!

What Benefits Can I Expect?

So what are some of the results you can see when your ductwork is sealed by a professional? Here are the main ones:

  • Better energy efficiency – Faulty ductwork can account for up to a third of your home’s total energy loss; having your ducts properly sealed by an expert helps you regain your system’s energy efficiency.
  • Increased indoor air quality – Air not only escapes from faulty ductwork, contaminants, pollutants, moisture, and other unwanted particles can enter it; sealing your ductwork prevents these outside items from entering your air flow.
  • Improved comfort – With properly sealed air ducts, you no longer have to contend with uneven heating or cooling, or reduced air volume due to your faulty ductwork.

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