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Blown–In Insulation

You probably understand that insulation plays a key role in helping you to keep heat where you want it in relation to the weather throughout the year. In the summer time, when temperatures outside soar, that means keeping heat out of your house while you run your air conditioner to cool your home. During the winter, when temperatures fall, it means keeping heat in your living space. This helps to lower your utility bills.

Heat transfers naturally to cooler areas, and it is your insulation that prevents unwanted heat transfer. What you may not realize, however, is that there are many different types of insulation. In some situations, particularly in insulating an attic, your best bet is going to be to use cellulose blown-in insulation. Cellulose is an environmentally-friendly, recycled material. It is primarily composed of recycled newsprint.

What Is Blown–In Insulation?

Blown–in insulation differs greatly from the types of insulation that you may be familiar with. During new construction, rigid insulation is often cut to size and put into place within your walls. That’s a tried–and–true practice, and this type of insulation benefits homeowners greatly. When it comes to adding insulation to your home, though, especially when insulating an attic, rigid insulation is not ideal. This is where blown–in insulation makes a huge difference.

Blown–in insulation employs a unique installation method. This means that the insulating material is simply blown into place. If you’ve ever been up in an attic crawlspace and seen insulating material laying on the surface, that is blown–in insulation. It can sometimes be poured into place, but is most commonly blown into the desired area using special blower equipment. Typically, blown–in insulation is made of recycled materials, such as the cellulose–based insulation that we use.

You Need to Have Blown–In Insulation Professionally Installed

It is important to understand that the blown–in insulation installation process, while not very disruptive to your property, is not a simple DIY project. In order to get the most from your blown–in insulation in Round Rock, TX, that insulation must be of the right depth, density, and weight. The proper R–Value must be reached, and it is much more difficult than simply buying insulating boards with the R–Value stamped on the side.

Our technicians are happy to help you heat and cool your home efficiently, as well as to protect your indoor air quality, with the use of our quality insulating materials. We will walk your attic space, installing measuring sticks around, and protect the areas that we don’t want to spray. The entire process for a typical 2,000 square foot home takes only 1 to 3 hours.

Contact us with any questions that you may have regarding the cellulose blown–in insulating process. There is no need to continue paying more than you should have to just to keep your home comfortable due to insufficient insulation. Our blown–in insulation services ensure a quick and effective solution to the problem.

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