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Zone Control System

Central heating and cooling is a great modern convenience, especially in larger homes. But the standard central HVAC system comes with a significant drawback: whenever it comes on, it sends heated or cooled air to every room in the house that has a vent, regardless of whether the room needs it or not. This adds up to significant energy waste over time. With a zone control system, you can change the temperatures in different areas of the house without affecting the others.

How Zone Heating and Cooling Works

The way that zone control divides up a home into separate areas (“zones”) for heating and cooling is through dampers fit inside the ductwork. These dampers can shut off the airflow to one particular set of the ducts, and each one wires into a local thermostat that controls it. In turn, these thermostats are networked into a single control panel that operates all of the dampers.

It is easiest for installers to put zone control in place during the initial installation of a new HVAC system. However, they can also retro–fit a current set of ducts for zone control.

Some of the Benefits of a Zone Control System

Zone control offers a number of advantages, some of which may not be obvious at first glance.

  • Save energy: With the ability to cut off cooling and heating to certain rooms, you can scale back on your energy bills. This is particularly helpful if you have a guest room or some other place in your house that is frequently empty.
  • Customized comfort for rooms: Not every room requires the same level of comfort. Kitchens will usually need some extra cooling, as will rooms on upper floors or that have large windows. You may want extra heat for other rooms, such as an infant’s room. Zone control gives you the power to tailor the temperature to fit every room’s purpose.
  • Customized comfort for people: Now here’s a good way to end squabbles between family members over how to set the thermostat. Thanks to a zone control system, each person can set the temperature in their own area to suit their specific needs using the local thermostat.

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