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Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are comfort systems well-suited to the annual climate in Round Rock, TX. A heat pump combines heating and cooling into one energy-efficient unit, and if properly installed in a home, it will work effectively during the hot summers and the mild winters. You can have your comfort needs taken care of in one installation.

Express HVAC Service works with all makes and models of heat pumps, and we are happy to assist you with a new installation or a replacement for your home. We will make sure that you have the best heat pump to see to your family’s comfort needs. If you are already enjoying the benefits of a heat pump, let us see to any repairs that may crop up and take care of the regular maintenance the system requires.

How a Heat Pump Is Different from an Air Conditioner

At the mechanical level, there is not much about a heat pump that is different from an air conditioner. (In fact, technically speaking, an air conditioner is a type of heat pump that can only provide cooling.) Both systems use the circulation of refrigerant between indoor and outdoor units to absorb thermal energy from one place and shift it to another; both essentially pump heat.

What sets the heat pump apart from the air conditioner is that the heat pump uses a component called the reversing valve to change the direction that refrigerant circulates. When it does this, the heat pump changes from moving heat out of the house and starts moving heat into the house. Otherwise, the operation is the same. You only need to make an adjustment to your thermostat and you can go straight from heating to cooling.

Reasons to Install a Heat Pump

Heat pumps are not ideal for all homes, particularly ones in cold climates where the temperature frequently drops below freezing. When this happens, heat pumps will struggle with removing sufficient heat from the outside to warm up the inside. But the weather in Texas doesn’t present heat pumps with this problem. In fact, a heat pump works at much higher energy efficiency for a climate like ours than most other heating systems. You can save hundreds of dollars each year by making the switch from a furnace to a heat pump.

Of course, the big advantage of a heat pump is that it compacts your home comfort system into a single unit that technicians can service easily when necessary. As cooling systems, a heat pump is the equal of a standard air conditioner of comparable size, so you won’t have to worry about those Texas heat waves getting the best of you. And the efficient heating is ready when you need it.


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