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Electric and Gas Furnaces

Your furnace is the main source of heat in your home. As such, it’s critical to make sure that all your heating needs—installation, replacement, repair and maintenance—are handled only by trained and certified heating experts. We are these kinds of experts at Express HVAC Service, and you’ll see evidence of this in our work and in our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What Can I Check Myself Before Calling for Heating Repair?

While you should always call our experts for any repair needs, you can check a couple of items yourself just to rule them out as possible problems:

  • Your thermostat – Have the batteries run out? Did someone change your settings?
  • Your air filter – A dirty air filter can cause numerous problems with your heating system.
  • Your fuel level – If you have a furnace that runs off of heating oil, you’ll want to make sure you didn’t run out of fuel.

Checking on these kinds of things can save you a repair call if you don’t actually need one.

Why Does Size Matter for Furnace Installation?

It’s critical to your comfort and the operation of your furnace to have a unit that is properly sized for your home. The best way to ensure that you install the right–sized system is to do a heat load calculation, which is something our experts will help you with. By using a number of important factors about your home, our experts will calculate how much heating you’ll need to be comfortable. Then, using this calculation, we’ll help you install a boiler that will provide the warmth you need all winter long.

What’s the Best Way to Keep My Replacement Furnace in Good Shape?

Replacing a furnace is a big undertaking, so you may be wondering: how do I make sure my furnace stays in the best shape possible? First, you want to make sure you schedule annual maintenance appointments with our experts. Second, don’t ever ignore signs that a problem may have developed with your system. Third, set your thermostat at reasonable temperatures to reduce the effects of wear and tear on your system. Should you experience any problems with your replacement furnace, the experts at Express HVAC Service are always here to help!

Electric Furnace

Do you need to have reliable service for your electric furnace, or are you looking to install a new one? We are the experts to call. Our professionals can help you with all of your electric furnace needs in Round Rock, TX, from repair and maintenance to installation and replacement.

Gas Furnace

All heating systems should always be handled by experts, particularly combustion systems like your gas furnace. When you need installation or service for your gas furnace, don’t try to attempt working on it yourself. Instead, call the experts at Express HVAC Service. We’ll make sure your system is properly installed, repaired, and maintained!


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